Stolen Picassos

(you can bid on this at EBAY – a reproduction, that is with a min price of $25 – it looks like the first bid was 1Cent)

Alan Riding reported for the NYTimes yesterday that the latest theft this week of two Picasso’s from one of Picasso’s grandaughters’ home on Rue de Grenelle in the 7th arrondissement adds to the list of 444 ‘missing Picasso’ works.




I looked at these two paintings Maya with Doll (1938) and Portrait of Jacqueline (1961) valued at 66 million. My gut reaction? Why bother? Maybe the best way to deal with theft of art objects is to make sure that the thief will realize he has absolutely NOTHING TO GAIN by stealing a work of art.

In my opinion (and I know that many Paris Logue readers will disagree) the thief has been punished already. He has to look at these paintings or maybe he’s buried them.
On the same page in the NYTimes Art section, Tintoretto’s “The Raising of Lazarus” illuminates the front page – any surprise that Picasso’s two paintings were relegated to Page 8. I rest my case.