Paris’s Soccer Stadium – Parc des Princes

Here are some recent Sport 24 News extracts of comments from soccer spokesperson Alain Cayzac (league pres.) re security and infrastructure Parc des Princes and the Paris St. Germain news.
“Infrastructure: There is a project for the modernization of the Parc des Princes and for the reception improvement. The enlargement of the the Parc could be done if we have the accord of the Paris City Hall. We have to take into consideration the surrounding environment and the local residents. This stadium is magnificent but it is aging and needs to have more comfort for viewers. Sooner rather than later, there need to be sensible improvements.
As for the Camp des Loges, even if one is very attached to it, it really isn’t appropriate for the PSG level, a pro club for the elite. The idea is to construct a new center. Different sites will be explored – the choice will have to be made in January (2007)It’s been delayed but it will get done. I like St. Germain as an option. The project was led by Dominique Casagrandre, he worked on the project with me at Colony Capital”
Recruitment: We have already recruited Gallardo, a talented player. As for Jeremy Clement, we received his accord but not yet that of the Rangers. He’d like to come here rather than Lyon so I’m hopeful.

Security. “The R1 and r2 tribunes were closed because certain individuals came to the stadium for the wrong reasons. It isn’t fair for the 2000 people who don’t act up, but the police preferred it this way. This tribunes could be reopened against Valenciennes. The security conditions being that there weren’t any more incidents and that the associations signed a charter of good conduct and tht the club took measures identifying supporters. Turnstyles will be operational and tickets will be sold to identified spectators. All these efforts will cost us, but the fact that matches will be played at 3 pm also will cost us.”




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