November Strike in Paris

Mark November 8th on your calendar as the day not to take a train. SNCF has declared a one-day strike. This should not have an impact on air travel. Metro service? Wait and see.
I noticed last time, I mentioned a strike (last November 2005)- an ‘alert’ reader posted: “Are you sure?” This time, the answer is “Yes, I am sure, because I spoke to someone who works for SNCF.”
In answer to other three times, he asked the “are you sure?” question, most of my answer is “I’m only as sure as my ‘sources’ which are the very same sources that you would get from reading the local newspapers, in particular, the International Herald Tribune or Le Figaro. I don’t have a television. For example, the first news I received about the cars being burned and the ‘riots’ in the outskirts of Paris came from a Los Angeles phone call.
“What’s going on there?” To which I replied, “You tell me!”
Television (especially CNN) does a much better job of reporting the sensational news that many Parisians might have not even noticed a year ago. If you really want to combat terrorism, start by throwing out your television set.