French First Lady Makes Headlines

Thanks Research Girl for clipping Jenny Barchfield’s AP/Guardian article “French First Lady’s Role Questioned” regarding Cecilia Sarkozy’s role in liberating five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor in Libya.

In case you were wondering – what is the what is the French connection here? Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor detained in Libya? Lucky for them their lawyer happens to be French. Emmanuel Alttit deserves credit for making their plight known to Nicolas Sarkozy even before his election to the presidency.

The moral of this story might be – if you ever get stuck in Libya – find yourself a French lawyer.




Regarding First Lady, Cecilia Sarkozy’s role in this operation, there’s more questions to this story than answers as to how a French president’s spouse manages to negotiate the release of this medical group which had been held since 2004.

She has been compared to Jackie Kennedy Onassis – but it might be more apt to describe her this way:
The Look of Jackie O and Princess Di, the world view of Jimmy Carter, and the stamina of Hilary Clinton.

One word in Barchfield’s article sums it up: mystery. And there’s nothing like a mysterious woman close to the top to keep French politics interesting.

BTW, this week’s trivia question RE: the Duc de Richelieu has NOT YET been answered!