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Search Paris hotels with up-to-date availability and book a hotel in Paris.

hotelParis is one of those cities everyone wants to visit at one time or another in life. You can almost taste the allure, the culture, the history… The je ne sais quoi. (Oh, it had to be said!) Yes, there is something about this beautiful city that makes people sigh when they think of it and keeps people coming back for more year after year – even if Paris remains one of the more expensive cities on earth to visit.

>> See the list at the bottom of this page for links to articles with hotel recommendations for different parts of Paris.

The good news is that Paris is absolutely brimming with hotels. There are hundreds upon hundreds to choose from, sprinkled all over the city in every possible neighborhood and every possible price range. Finding hotels in Paris is not the hard part – the hard part is finding the one that is right for you. You can choose from the most exclusive boutique hotels, the basics-only chain hotels or the family-run cheap hotels – and everything in between.

And then after you decide what number of stars you are shooting for, there is the decision of what part of Paris you want to stay in. In a city this size, there are endless possibilities in every corner of every neighborhood. Do you want to be right in the middle of everything? Or do you prefer to have a quiet refuge away from the chaos of the city after a long day spent staring at art? Again, the choice is all yours.

With any hotel in Paris, there will generally be a high season and a low season in terms of rates. The high season can fluctuate, but it is roughly late Spring through early Autumn, and you can expect to pay higher rates for all hotels during that time. So if you can be flexible with your plans and you are looking to save a little bit of money, you might schedule your trip for the low season. The weather might not be conducive to long strolls through the park, but you will pay much less for your hotel room, your airline ticket and many things you will buy in Paris – all of which means you can spend more time there. The added bonus of traveling during the low season is that you will likely run into fewer tourists, so you can get a better look at the Mona Lisa.

Because the sheer number of Paris hotels is too overwhelming to contemplate, the best place to start is with the dates you will be there – if you only need to choose between the ones that have available beds for you, then that helps a great deal. Then you can narrow the choice further by selecting, for example, only three-star hotels or only two-star B&Bs. The options are endless!

Just plug your information into the search boxes on this page and you will get a list of the hotels in Paris that have availability on the nights you will be there. Then, it is just a question of browsing the locations and seeing which one sounds best to you. You may find more cheap hotels concentrated in certain parts of the city – around the fun and artsy Montmarte neighborhood, for instance – but if you are looking for a different location do not be discouraged. It may be harder to find, but the perfect Paris hotel is out there for you.

Have a great time in Paris, and if you are looking for more information about this vibrant city, read about daily life in the City of Lights on this Paris Travel Guide. Bon voyage!