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Has your experience been the same? Or totally different. Three tourists in Paris are like the three blind men describing an elephant.

Paris is a big, beautiful, historically and culturally rich, amazing, and a sometimes intimidating city. For those who have never visited the City of Lights, scoring a good deal on airfare to Paris, finding a hotel to stay in and deciding which attractions you just can’t miss are probably the […]

12 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Paris

If you’ve poked around on this site enough, you’ve no doubt seen that we strongly advise most people not to drive in Paris. You’ll certainly see lots of cars zigging and zagging their way around the city, but those are locals who know their way around and know the local […]

Parking in Paris

While summer in Paris is certainly when you will see the hoards of tourists descending upon the city, there are songs written about springtime in Paris and autumn in Paris has long been one of my very favorite seasons in the City of Lights, there is just something magical about […]

Winter in Paris