Places in Paris

You’d think by now every stone, every nook and cranny in Paris has been rediscovered or reinvented. What is YOUR favorite place?

We all know Paris is a beautiful city – but that doesn’t mean we can all capture it on film or in video in the best possible way. Thank goodness, then, that there are people out there who can do a fantastic job showing off the city through gorgeous videos. […]

Beautiful Paris in Time Lapse Videos

Nuit Blanche, which translates as literally as “white night” and is an expression for all-nighter, is an annual arts festival that takes place from sunset until sunrise on the first Saturday and Sunday of October. Museums , private and public art galleries, pools, cafes, theaters, libraries and other cultural institutions […]

Nuit Blanche in Paris

My relationship with Paris has been boisterous. On the one hand, the exquisite beauty of the city permeates every encounter of my life here. On the other, my position as foreigner, as culturally other (despite being married to a Frenchman), inherently taints or shifts my liaison with the place. Living […]

Paris Photos: A Tour of the City with Emilie Johnson ...

Paris is home to some of the most famous museums in the world such as the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, but it also shelters several less well-known and often unusual establishments. Adam Roberts, editor of the website Invisible Paris recommends five that are worthy of a visit. 1. Musée […]

5 Unusual Museums in Paris