Dining Out

Restaurant rating is one of the great pasttimes of residents and visitors alike. Some might say it is getting more and more difficult to find Parisian restaurants that offer traditional French cooking at affordable prices. Dining out in Paris can be a challenge and on certain occasions, it will be one of the experiences transfixed in your memory banks for a lifetime.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day – and we’ve planned absolutely nothing. No turkey, no pumpkin pie, no cranberry sauce. Apparently we aren’t alone in this because likewise the American Embassy in Paris notes that they are Closed for Thanksgiving Day. If you click on Thanksgiving there’s an excellent description of the […]

Thanksgiving Day in Paris: How long can I procrastinate?

(Photo from Restaurant Moncourrier, Avenue Gambetta, Ussel/Correze) French chefs are world famous for their mastery of sauces, desserts and their ingenious presentation, but French cooking can also offer up some surprising dishes that you may prefer to eat first and before learning the names of the animals and their organs. […]

Weirdest French Food