Best Tart in Paris

Some days just seem to be ‘girlie’ kind of days. I dare a guy to venture into A Priori The 35-37 Galerie Vivienne 2eme around Friday lunch hour. You will most definitely be outnumbered by females big time. The estrogen aura may knock you out of your seat, but if you’re brave and courageous, prepare yourself for some excellent light lunches – in particular – the tarte of inspiration is (perhaps) the best tart I’ve tasted to Paris. It in no way resembles the typical quiche lorraine fare you’re likely to find in most cafes or salons du the. The crust is crisp, light buttery.
A Priori the – a play on words – A priorite – meaning, to begin with (tea) is run by an American woman. If the guys can’t stand the ‘cuteness’ of a tea salon, just a hop, skip and a jump away- there’s the Vivienne bistro with dark, woodsy corners, just as cozy like you’d expect a pub to be on a cold November day (but I can’t promise you’ll find a quiche or tart as good as A Priori The’s tart.)
Diners chatting at A Priorithe tea salon.