After the Paris Opera

Cafe de la Paix, located on Rue Scribe kitty-corner to the Garnier Opera House, is THE place to go after the opera. It’s also considered to be an elegant place to sip on your afternoon cafe. And, it’s pricey. But maybe, if you’re in Paris just once in your life – and you’ve decided to splurge – why not go all the way? If you are going to the opera, be sure and let the hostess know that you are attending the opera. In that case, your table is reserved for you even if you arrive an hour late (as we did).
If you regret leaving the splendour of the Opera House, dining at the Cafe de la Paix is a great way to extend the 19th century aura of ostentation, but in this case, the slight wear on the upholstery just reminds you that all glamour is but a fading dream. That being said, the Cafe de la Paix dining room (with its tables that overlook the Opera House) feels almost as if you’ve been invited to a VERY wealthy friend’s hotel particulier for a cozy late supper – but in this case ‘supper’ is an expertly prepared ‘dinner’. The chef gives extra attention to his vegetables. His sea bass is slightly crisp on the outside – and perfectly tender and flaky.
The only complaint here is the dearth of good wine by the glass. When the rest of Paris cafes have realized that people are drinking less wine – but still will pay for quality – it comes as a surprise at the Cafe de la Paix that one would need to pay 12 Euros for a mediocre glass of white wine. Something to think about?