UFO – Need to Know?

Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007 “Beam Me Up from the Bois, Scotty!”

Apparently the France aerospace site(CNES) is the first to open its UFO ‘sighting’ files which go back for the past 30 years. The site opened its files this past Thursday (March 22) according to an AFP story reported by Marlowe Hood and posted on Yahoo News.

This news report piqued my interest to visit the site www.cnes-geipan.fr but unfortunately nothing happened when I tried to link. (CNES’s main site has requested that we eager UFO followers should try to remain patient – the response has been simply too overwhelming.)
According to Hood’s news report, the CNES gets 50 to 100 UFO sighting reports per year. In some cases they send out people to the reported areas. If anybody else can connect to the cnes-geipan.fr site, let me know. Apparently it crashed soon after the opening due to the influx of site visitors (glad it wasn’t a visiting UFO).




If you’re wondering how to say UFO in French, it would be OVNI or ‘non-identified aerospatial phenomenom’. (I personally prefer ‘unidentified flying object’ which can include cups, saucers, and snowballs – the picture posted with the AFP story looked very much like a flying wok)

BTW,I had my own OVNI sighting in Normandy about ten or fifteen years ago. It was in the summer – in late July. It was a particularly warm evening and we had the windows open. Sometime after midnight, I woke up from a sound sleep to hear a strange whirring sound. When I looked out the window, I saw a beacon of intense light that seemed to be searching the skies – it drew closer and closer and the whirring noise increased in volume.
It was an awe-inspiring moment, but even moreso the following day when I learned that our banker friend had spent most of the night helping a neighbor farmer with the ‘moisson’ or the summer haying. In Normandy it is not unusual to spend part of the night getting this task done with the help of some terrific headlights that seem to light up the entire sky – just like an OVNI.