Sarkozy Sought ‘L’Amerique Profonde’ – Come again!

Keuka Lake
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

Upstate NY Wine Country
PHoto by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

Norman style chapel and crypt at Keuka Lake
French influence in Upstate NY
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

It’s the last day of summer and of all the French visitors to the US, how many were lucky enough to have stumbled upon Upstate New York wine country? President Sarkozy had the right idea – but the wrong state. If he had come to Keuka Lake instead of Lake Winnepesaukee – he could have lolled around on a lake less inundated with paparrazzi photographers – and he could have done some wine tasting to boot in ‘l’Amerique profonde’.




Upstate New York has nowhere near the notoriety of Californian wines which flourish in a Mediterranean climate. What the region lacks in variety and quality it makes up for in the sheer beauty and isolation of this forgotten corner of the world.

While French tourists explored the USA this summer, August was a banner year for foreign visitors in France (particularly Paris)- including Americans- according to the French Tourism Office The tourists came – in spite of lousy weather and in spite of the lousy exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Euro.

The newly inaugurated TGV line between Paris and Strasbourg in eastern France encouraged more visits to Strasbourg. If you haven’t considered visiting Strasbourg, I would DEFINITELY recommend it. This city has romantic canals just like Amsterdam, the eerily pinkish stone facade of its cathedral glows in the afternoon light, and last but not least it’s the gateway to the Alsatian wine region of France famous for its Reislings and Gewurtztraminers.

You can try a little wine tasting on both sides of the Atlantic – from Strasbourg to Keuka Lake – savor best of Old and New World!