Please, steal these paintings!

With the news of the stolen Picassos, I decided it was time to check on the status of two paintings from my ‘Cubist’ period circa 1970s which I had left in the basement in a very prominent location – hoping that somebody just might come along and take them off my hands.

The last time I had checked, both of the abstract tableaux had not budged. On the other hand, the insipid lake and rolling hill upstate New York acryllic landscape I had painted had been scooped up in the first week.

Given the recent turn of events and the upsurge in cubist and abstracts thefts, I ran down to the ‘cave’ immediately after having posted the news about the Picasso family’s loss. I thought if my forlorn paintings still lingered I could posted a picture here for anyone looking for a picture to steal.




So, can you imagine my surprise when after weeks of not even a glimmer of interest – the two paintings were GONE!! Sadly, I have no photographs of these two unique works of art which are probably at the very least worth the hand-stretched canvas on which they were painted with the idealism that only a high school student could manage.

For some reason, trudging back up the cave steps, I felt incredibly elated. Was it possible that this ‘art’ had found a home on someone’s blank wall, rather than remain sentenced to ‘storage’?

Each painting needs to find its home. . .or in some cases, find its way back home.

Should all paintings be free and artists paid by the state?