Packing for Paris: Get your Act together on La Brea!


Carry-on Packing Tip: If you have tight connections of if you’re trying to do a RTW trip with strictly carry-on, be prepared. Sooner or later, you’ll be boarding smaller planes and will need to check in what may be considered a carry-on bag on larger planes. Still, it’s better to error on bringing your ‘carry on’ bag with you until the last possible minute. It will have a better chance of making the trip with you on the same plane. In many cases, carry on taken from you at the last minute will be returned to you as soon as you deplane. Make sure you hold on to your claim check. Especially for carry-on that you need to pick up at the baggage claims.

As you may recall in Travel Gear vs. Travel Clothes, I returned 90% of the items I ordered from a mail order catalogue that specialized in ‘Travel Gear’, I repacked, using basic black as the mantra for travel to Paris by way of Los Angeles. Some of you may know that I am currently doing a Paris to Paris Round the World Trip – and if you think packing for Paris, Yap, and Kazakhstan is easy . . . . , bringing a laptop a video camera, and clothes for the eventual formal dining . . . trying to call this all ‘carry-on’ and make the airline attendants believe you . . . well that’s just a starting point.

Let’s get back to the mail order saga. Yes, the elastic waistband indigo jeans are wending their way back to where they belong – shelved for the next millennium.

Meanwhile, I had the foresight to run across the steet to Centre Commericial Gaite, Metro: Gaite where I snagged a pair of black cotton cargo pants from Camaieu (one of a number of inexpensive clothing chain stores in France) which have passed Los Angeles muster – on La Brea.




My advice – if you’re planning a trip to Paris – is to go by way of LA. You need to stop at the S. La Brea and Beverly intersection in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park neighborhood. Get a quick nod of approval from one of the waiters at Purans, 142 S. La Brea. From there, you’ll want to pop into Golyester 136 S. La Brea to find an exquisite vintage hat for cafe-sitting in St. Germain-des-Pres.

Then you need to stop at Dear John’s Stationery Fine Stationers 138 N. La Brea to read the ‘Dear John’ letter that Ernest Hemingway received – at what cafe was he sitting when he read this delicately poetic brush-off? Did he drown himself in his sorrows – or did he just shrug his shoulders and say, ‘there’s other fish in the sea’?

Are you missing a French poodle to take with you on your trip? You can pick up the most delightful poodle here – it doesn’t ever bark, and it can fly in the cabin – guaranteed – because it’s a stuffed poodle. Stock up on your Eiffel Tower wrapping paper and your magnets of Paris street maps from the 1920s.

But most important of all, here is where you’ll want to have your personal calling cards drawn up – how could you possibly have considered going to Paris without your calling cards?