Paris New Year’s Eve continued

In truth, the best place to spend New Year’s Eve is wherever your loved ones happen to be. Often New Year’s Eve brings a touch of angst if you are in that no man’s land of dating – or not really sure where you stand with your S.O. You want New Year’s Eve to be perfect. It rarely is.

I had a perfect New Year’s Eve once. It was in Paris and I wasn’t in love and there was no significant other. Sometimes all the elements just fall together in ways that can never be planned – and this New Year’s was definitely not planned. About six months earlier, a next door apartment neighbor (in NYC) and I decided we’d head for Paris and Venice to visit friends in Paris and drive all together to Venice for Christmas day. There is not time or space in this small entry to go into all the strange directions this totally unplanned and unorganized trip took – but the important part is that we ended up with a group of good friends at the Caf Conc night club in Montmartre on New Years Eve. Rashid was playing piano and the Gilles Langoureau was singing ‘Aujourd’hui,Je Ne Vais Pas Travailler’.




The Caf Conc is no longer at Place du Tertre (as far as i know – the last time I checked). And I don’t know where Rashid is performing these days either. But I do know that it was a magical New Years Eve. On New Years Day, my neighbor and I drove from Paris to Brussels to catch our return flight. I left Paris in a white fringe dress that I had picked up at Monoprix for about 40 Euros. That dress saw a lot of parties.
Wherever you end up on New Year’s Eve, the important thing to remember is that the best moments in life can never be planned or predicted. Wishing you all spontaneous joy wherever you may be.