32nd American Film Festival at Deauville

The American Film Festival started yesterday (Saturday) and will continue through till September 10th. This year a highlight will be the hommage to Claude LeLouch who directed “A Man and a Woman”. A less well known film “Edith and Marcel” about the prize fighter Marcel Cerdan did not have as great success in the U.S. but I remember it as a film that Miramax Films tried hard to distribute. My job (when I once worked with Miramax – as a ‘receptionist’/translator/etc. was to round up about three hundred people on short notice to fill up a theater for a sneak preview screening. I was also supposed to translate for Claude Lelouch – it would have been nice if he mentioned that he understood English perfectly well – and spoke English well! In any case, he seemed like a very nice person and deserves a standing ovation for patience when it came to people telling him how he should cut his film to half the time for American audiences – whoever thought that Bollywood become the rage?
claude Lelouch’s hommage at Deauville will be held on Tuesday, September 5th – on the boardwalk.