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You all ready Know how to Enjoy Paris on less than $100 a day – if you’ve been reading Parislogue

You already know that the Versailles Gardens are free except on Sunday afternoons when the musical fountain show begins.

You know that you can pay half ticket price for entrance into the museum if you arrive an hour before closing time.
You know that kids under eighteen years old get free admission, as do Friends of Versailles and professional artists.

You know about annual events when museums open their doors to the public for free.
Museum Night.
Journee du Patrimoine.
Nuit Blanche.

You don’t have to spend 15 Euros for a pizza when you can get set price menu at a traditional style restaurant for 13-14 Euros which includes and appetizer, a main dish and a dessert.
( i.e. Lou Cantou)

You know where to get a demi-tasse of delicious hot chocolate for under 2 Euros.
(Chocolatitudes, Rue Daguerre)

You know how to save a Euro or two on cafe drinks by ordering your expresso at the bar, and ordering a ‘galopin’ of beer (14cl), the smallest size.

You know the tidiest hostels in town i.e. OOPS!
You know you can win a free hotel just by telling the funniest joke.

It’s easy to do Paris on less than $100 a day when you read Parislogue.