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Working holiday: Au pair in Paris

Many of us want to explore the world but since it’s impossible to do it without money, looking for jobs while you travel is very normal. Sure, keeping a travel or photography blog might provide enough money for traveling; or, maybe, you get published in world-famous magazine, which, again, gives you enough money for travel, but when this isn’t the case or you want to work somewhere just because you want to experience the real working environment, you’ll be looking for jobs abroad. And becoming an “au pair” is an excellent choice for those who like kids and family life.
If you wander how to become an au pair or need to know details, here are some tips and facts:

An “au pair” is a foreign national who comes into a house and is responsible with teaching the kids a new language and playing with them.
Some families expect you to help with basic domestic household chores. Taking the kids to school is also expected most of the times.
If you want to work “au pair” in France, before you rush to book one of the cheap flights to Paris , do as much research about the family and lifestyle as possible. Just try to figure out what you might expect.
It is standard a weekly or monthly stipend, which will be enough for the nonessential expenses such as sightseeing, weekend travel, and shopping. You stay with the family so you don’t need to worry about accommodation in meals.
Since you’ll be working 25-35 hours a week, you will have time to do additional work, such as teaching English abroad. With the money saved, you’ll be able to visit places when you’ve finished the gig (or you’ve got time off). So, while you do your research for the job, you might want to look up some Paris hostels as well…just in case
Working “au pair” also means you’ll work on your language skills and live like a local.
Schedules can be inflexible, which might be frustrating for some, especially when you make friends abroad and start hanging out with them.
Most families are interested in young female au pairs, so the guys wanting to work with children will have a hard time finding a family to work for.
Although you get along well online, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get along when you live with the family. If that’s the case, don’t worry, just move on.

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