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Winter Fashion in Paris '08

American groundhogs don’t count when it come to predicting weather in Paris. We’ve had almost a solid week of blue skies and sunshine with a little nip in the air – which doesn’t prevent Parisiennes from wearing shorts.
That is shorts Parisian style. Black, de rigueur with black opaque stockings and a knee length black formal coat – and boots, naturally. It seems like finally, Parisian women are fed up with wearing pantsuits.
Even while the fashion pundits promote color, apparently the only women listening to this ‘advice are women ‘of a certain age’. I see bright colors in the 50 and up crowd, but black continues to be the uniform of the student and young business professionals.
Color comes in accents. A bright red scarf to keep the neck warm during Chinese New Years week.
Do not take my word as the final word – though, because I spend a lot of time on the Left Bank – the street scene can be quite different depending on what neighborhood you frequent.
Be sure to bring your black leather boots!