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Hotel Langlois: Where you’d send friends

A Paris hotel where you get a hug ‘goodbye’ as you leave? Is it possible? Yes it is. We don’t need to stay in hotels ourselves, therefore any hotel comments are based on second hand info – but if you trust your friends (and I do), it sounds like Hotel Langlois is a pretty good bet for a Paris stay.

First of all it gets a good write up in Frommers. The price falls in the range of reasonable for a major world capital (95 Euros to 110 Euros for a double). The closest metro stop is Trinite in the 9th arrondissement which places smack dab in the center of shopping heaven, a skip in a jump to the Grands Boulevard, Printemps, Galerie Lafayette. And if you have an inkling for culture, the Louvre is not far behind.

Hotel Langlois
63, rue St. Lazare
Keep in mind that Right Bank hotels tend to be a little more cramped (especially at such good rates). Be sure and confirm for air-conditioned rooms if you plan on coming in July or August.