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Where to Eat Near Montparnasse: Plan B

When it comes to finding a good, inexpensive restaurant around Montparnasse, with good ambiance – you may not have the time or energy when you’re jet-lagged and hungry. If you’ve been reading my past posts on Dining Alone, you’ll remember I mentioned Plan B on Rue Daguerre.

The Montparnasse district, located on Paris’s Left Bank, has zillions of restaurants – some are overpriced and resting on their laurels of fame – others are basic gut stuffers – some are very good – yet still a little too expensive travelers on a budget.

I liked Plan B the first time I went alone and I liked it even better when I came a second time along with my husband. It’s open from Monday to Saturday – and it’s especially good for late night meals because it’s open from 5:30 pm to 2 am. That means, if you want to catch a movie in the Montparnasse district, you can still have dinner after the show.

As I mentioned in the past post, Plan B has a nice neighborhood ambiance and a small bar area if you feel like just dropping in to have a beer or ‘apero’ and then come back later for dinner. What I noticed this time (that I hadn’t during the visit) was the use of old Metro seats for the ‘banquettes’ or booth seating.

You can order a dinner ‘menu’ for 20 Euros which includes an appetizer and the main dish. Chris ordered a gargantuan Salade Italienne for 10 Euros. The main courses range from 15 to 17 Euros on average.

My Rouget fish was served with an anisette sauce, salad and fresh mashed potatoes sprinkled with shredded Parmesan. The ingredients all look and taste fresh.
We also met Nicolas, one of the co-owners (I had met Anthony during my first visit). Nicolas suggested calling for reservations on Saturday nights, but a Tuesday night in October turned out to be quiet with ample choice of seating.

The entire meal cost us 27 Euros for two plates, a salad plate and a main dish. No drinks, coffee or dessert.

Some of my other favorites along Rue Daguere are:

Le Quinze at the corner of Rue Roger and Rue Daguere
Le Beliere Welcome (if you like to listen to piano while you dine) Open from 7 pm to Dawn!
Cafe d’Enfer (for their melted chocolate cake)

Le Plan B
89 rue Daguerre
75014 Paris
Tel. 01 43 20 20 09
Metro: Gaite or Denfert Rochereau

Gaite is the closest Metro whereas Denfert will bring you in at the opposite end of Rue Daguere. Either way, you’ll have to walk a bit to reach the ‘quiet end’ of Rue Daguere. If you take the Gaite Metro exit, you will find yourself on Avenue du Maine. Head toward the Montparnasse cemetery (it should be on your left hand side. (If you exit on the side of Centre Commercial Gaite, you need to cross the street toward the cemetery).
The Rue Daguerre turn-off will be to your Left (third left) AFTER you’ve passed the cemetery (You’ll know you have the right street because there’s a sign directing you to turn left for the Rue Daguerre post office. Plan B will be on the right side of Daguerre if you’re coming from Metro Gaite and Avenue du Maine.

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