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Where to Eat for New Year’s Eve in Paris

Where do you think Parisians go to eat out on New Year’s Eve? It’s not a big secret. If you check out, they offer a whole line up of restaurants, and surprisingly not everyone is going to opt for a traditional meal.

Even friends who plan to stay in for New Year’s Eve will be choosing a menu less traditional than what they’ve just consumed for Christmas day.
Here’s an example of Jean-Pierre and Lydie’s menu for New Year’s Eve:
Salade Folle i.e. ‘Crazy Salad’

A crazy salad can be made with bits of foie gras, but in this case, they’ll use seafood, like Coquille St Jacques or crab.

Filet of beef with a Bernaise sauce.

Camembert cheese – naturally.

And plenty of champagne.