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What’s Cookin for Christmas?

It’s one thing to read recipes for French cuisine, but what’s going to be served up on the tables this Christmas? I asked Huguette and Nathalie to give us the scoop on some of the best tables in town for ‘home cookin’ French style.
Champagne, naturally, to start things off, accompanied by puffed pastry appetizers.
Foie gras (goose liver).
Coquille St. Jacques (scallops).
Fish in butter sauce. (as opposed to the traditional turkey or capon).
Salad and cheese.
Log roll for dessert.
This will be served after Midnight Mass. Everyone will have already set out their shoe for Pere Noel to fill with goodies – this time Santa gets a mug of whisky, not hot chocolate – oh they really know how to treat Santa in this household. N’est-ce pas?

I’m also told that the scallops can be replaced with a dish of assorted shellfish, oysters, and for the main course, one can even prepare a white sausage! (boudin blanc). i.e. fix whatever you enjoy eating, but you might not have every day of the week.

Now that every one has happily gone to bed on a full stomach, it’s time to wake up and head out to see the rest of the family for Christmas day dinner which will start with:
Champagne, hot and cold appetizers.
Foie gras
Duck or fish
Salad, Cheese
Log Roll (Buche de Noel)

At another friend’s house, the Midnight Mass meal will be lighter fare with the main meal prepared on Christmas day. Here’s what will be on the table:
After the Midnight Mass, foie gras is served on toast along with appetizers like fresh shrimp, some chicken terrines, and desserts.
The Christmas day meal will be
Capon baked with chestnuts and potatoes.
Salad and Cheese
Log Roll (Buche de Noel)

Christmas night. Fall asleep by the fireplace.