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What to Pack for Paris

Packing can be a troublesome chore no matter where you’re going, but when you’re visiting a city like Paris – where people are known for their fashion sense – it takes on all sorts of different complications.
Or at least it can, if you don’t want to look like a schlub when you’re traveling.
The bottom line is that it’s pretty tough to come up with one packing list for Paris that will suit every traveler. There are allowances that need to be made for age, gender, type of trip, etc. – so rather than try to create a master list that will apply really well to one group and not at all to another, we’re going to quote liberally here from our sister site – WhyGo France – because, frankly, we don’t know anyone who says it better.

What to Pack for Paris: Summer

While Christine of WhyGo France points out that there’s no singular “French look,” she does acknowledge that the French do seem to make fashion look effortless. There are some things that we, as travelers, aren’t going to be able to live up to. We may not be able to avoid carrying a day pack, and we may forgo prettier shoes for more comfortable ones, but there are still a few rules we can all learn if we want to fit in just a bit better:

  • No white sneakers
  • No fanny packs
  • No rubber/plastic flip flops
  • No beer/sports promotional T-shirts
  • No baseball caps

The tips included in the full article are broken down into four groups – young women, older women, young men, and older men – so there’s no excuse for not looking great when you arrive in Paris. Christine has tips for you, no matter your age group.
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What to Pack for Paris: Winter

Most travelers head to France in the warmer months – for obvious reasons – but if you’re being a savvy budget traveler and visiting during the winter when it’s much cheaper, you need different clothing tips altogether. Christine has what you need to know for the winter, too. The basic tenets of French people being more fashion conscious still applies in the winter, of course, but Christine’s winter clothing advice boils down to a few key tips:

  • It’s all about the scarves
  • Layering is important
  • Accessories can make an outfit
  • Cold weather clothes can still be classy

The layering advice isn’t just because it’s easier to pack several thinner layers in your suitcase than one oversized bulky sweater. It’s also because even if it’s really cold out, it’s likely to be quite warm indoors, so you’ll want to be able to shed a layer or two so you don’t die of heatstroke over dinner.
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