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What kind of clothes should I pack for my winter trip to Paris?

It doesn’t matter that you may never see a snowflake in Paris, from December to April, a good pair of stylish boots will make you feel very much at home on Paris streets. Flat boots or boots with heels – either are fine (but if you’re walking a lot, you’ll be happy you chose flat boots!)
A cozy long cashmere scarf to keep the damp winter weather at bay is a basic of almost every Parisian’s winter wardrobe.

Leather gloves if you can afford them – but any sort of gloves are useful for long walks in Paris parks. During cold season, you’ll also be happy to have a pair of gloves when you take the Metro. Less chance of picking up cold germs from your fellow passengers.

Only bring jeans that are well-cut and fit you perfectly – otherwise – choose either black , gray or dark brown ensembles i.e pantsuits, or heavy knit tunics, crocheted pullovers teamed up with skinny pants or leggings.

Plaid Flannel shirts or Cream-colored silk shirts. Your choice.
Yes, really.

The classic little black dress.

A gold bangle. No need to wear much jewelry – which you want to avoid when you travel anyhow, but a gold bangle or a simple gold ring is a signature accessory of Paris’s BCBG (bon chic, bon genre).

Umbrella. Rather than pack an umbrella, this might be another souvenir you’ll want to pick up from one of Paris’s specialty boutiques – where the umbrellas (some of which are made in Normandy can be quite elegant).

Leave the fur coat at home. Fur is not cool in Paris.

Leather jackets never seem to go out of style for men as well as women. (Bomber-style jackets are currently being worn).

Textured stockings. This season is all about showing off your legs (if you happen to be female). Super short skirts and winter shorts are seen much more often than in past years – when it seemed like the sober pantsuits would never disappear. Parisians love their lace-textured legwear adding just a ‘soupcon’ of all the satin and lace that remains ALMOST out of view. If you pick up one souvenir for yourself in Paris, take home a pair of these sexy stockings (easy to pack) and will make you feel like you’re still in Paris – long after the trip.

A Huge Handbag – with room for camera, Plan de Paris, laptop, etc. Parisians have had an ongoing love-affair with their Lancel handbags – but for those of us who don’t have a budget for designer ware, you can find plenty of handbags in the outdoor markets (such as Edgar Quinet’s Wednesday and Saturday market (Metro: Edgar Quinet) at very reasonable prices.

Packing for Men

An extremely well-cut jacket (called ‘une veste’) to wear with jeans.

High quality leather shoes – or if you have to wear trainers, choose black or red.

Leather jacket or black trench.

Leave the khaki pants at home.

Cashmere scarf or Cotton ‘desert style’ for a more casual look.

Ties – depending on the purpose of your trip. If it’s a business trip, 100 percent silk ties (pastel shades are fine)

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Happy Packing!