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What do Parisians Really Think About Paris Plage?

The sand is dirty and there’s too many dog turds. You have to get there early in the day or you’ll never get a lounge chair, and those that do get there early enough will jealously hang on to their lounge chair for the whole day.

With 450 lounge chairs, it’s no surprise that there’s a mad scramble to secure one, but one has to beg the question – a strip of sand and 33 palm trees? Has there been far too much hype about Paris Plage?

What do Parisians like about Paris Plage?

The music and the Paris Plage At Night entertainment. Go to the Bibliotheque Nationale side of Paris Plage (Left Bank) to enjoy street music and dance lessons. i.e. Paris Plage is ‘chic’ when the sun goes down.

If you miss Paris Plage this summer, never fear, Paris Plage is here to stay – and who knows? Maybe next year, there’ll be more lounge chairs to go around.

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