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Weekend Getaway in Amsterdam

So you’ve decided to spend your next weekend somewhere abroad…but where? Oh, wait! Amsterdam seems like a great away. Getting from Paris to Amsterdam is not only fast (1h 15 min by plane) but also quite affordable. Sure, if you book on the spur of the moment, a round trip ticket will burn a €140 hole in your budget. But that’s just about the average, normal price you can get for this flight.
Next you have figure out the hotel. Thankfully, cheap hotels in Amsterdam are not that hard to find. For the next weekend, you can find rooms for just €89 a night in a 4-star hotel or €75 per night a 2-star hotel. If you want lower prices, look for beds in hostels. Beds start at €14.90 per night in a shared dorm or €25 a night in a private room.
A very nice and cheap way to see the city is by bike. Renting a bike in Amsterdam is easy and you can get away with under €10 for 24 hours. Plus, you are limited by the public transport routes or hours. And you get your cardio in. Thankfully, riding a bike in Amsterdam is totally different than riding it in the US or other European cities. There are bike lanes and the cyclists are given the right of way. But you still need to be careful. Do make sure to signal your turn and be careful to read the traffic signs properly.
There are also cycling tours of the city. You can choose such an option to explore Amsterdam if this is your first visit.
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