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Want to go running in Paris? Then you need this article.

runningI’m not a runner. I don’t like to run, whether I’m on vacation or not, but I also feel like when I’m traveling I’m way more active than I am when I’m at home – walking from museum to restaurant to cathedral – so when I saw this article recently that’s a running guide to Paris, at first I ignored it. But upon further reflection, I think this article could be useful for even us non-runner travelers, too.

What the author, Elizabeth Mikel, delivers with this article is more than just a guide to running in Paris. It’s also a guide to some of the city’s great parks, gardens, and trails that could be good for walking as well as running. Paris is a beautiful city, but it’s still a city – so if you need a break from all the pavement and cars, some of these parks could be a nice escape for you.

Also, even if you’re not trying to escape the city of Paris, some of the parks Mikel covers in her article are ones you might not know about already. These are public spaces that may be more popular with the people who live near them, meaning you might get a chance to mingle with (or at least observe) the locals.

Of course, if you are a runner, and you can’t stomach the thought of a trip to Paris without your running shoes, then the article will be really helpful to you. Mikel provides details about each of the parks/public spaces, including what kind of environment you’ll find, how to reach the park, and even insider tips for each park. All of that information is really useful whether you’re headed to the park for a run or just to hang out.

Other runner-specific tidbits from Mikel’s article (which won’t be as useful if you’re not going for a jog, but will be indispensible if you are) include a list of a few running clubs in Paris and special tips for female runners, especially those running alone.

Exercise addicts headed to Paris will certainly want to check out the article, and even if you’re leaving your running shoes at home you might want to see if you know about all the Paris parks listed.

photo by Thomas Faivre-Duboz