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Walk in the Park: Luxembourg Gardens

Have you been to the Medici Fountain lately in Luxembourg Gardens? If not, you might be surprised to see what is emerging from the pool of water in front of the reclining statues. This is the site for a rotating collection of works of whimsy where you might least expect it.

Luxembourg’s flower gardens that border the perimeter are the real show stoppers this year – a mix of red mums and geraniums that borders on audacious for such a traditional park.
in the same day we took an out of town visitor over to the Jardin Atlantique located directly above the Montparnasse train station. Here’s a quiet place to have lunch on the grass far removed from the concrete esplanade between Tour Montparnasse and the Gare. After we walked through ‘the park’ our friend said, “That was the park?” I suggested that it might be a good landing place for extra terrestrials – it has a central fountain (that naturally wasn’t turned on) that looks like the ideal landing platform.

By the way, with warm temperatures and plenty of sun – the Carpeaux fountain was turned on at the Blvd. Montparnasse/Observatoire entrance to the Luxembourg Gardens.

If you are in this area, you may want to cut across to Rue St. Jacques, one of the oldest streets in Paris (it used to be a Roman road). Stop in at the Bar a Vins called Le Vin Sobre on the corner of Rue St. Jacques and Rue Feuillantines in the 5th arrond. (Rue Feuillantines connects to Boulevard St. Michel.

You can order wine buy the glass all day along and most of the night any day of the week. Lunch menus include a glass of wine with the price of the menu.
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