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Visiting Paris in the Spring?

So you’re wondering with reports of tear gas at the Sorbonne and kidnapping reports, do you still want to visit Paris in the spring?
Mary Louise reports from Paris: “Yes, the recent senseless killing has cast a pall over the city. I believe that it has caused such a reaction here not only because of the brutality but because we do not have many murders here. The ones we have are the ones in disturbed families for the most part.” She goes on to compare a recent visit to NYC where murders occurred on a daily basis.
(Rochester, New York has an even higher percentage murder rate than NYC!)

If you’re visiting Paris, it’s good to keep in mind some of the issues that are currently affecting French life – and are taken very seriously the majority of the population. Springtime, particularly the month of May is the time to strike – so don’t be surprised if you run into various type of transportation strikes. This is the one way that the working population (and sometimes even the homeless) can make their views known to those who govern. So it’s a form of democracy at work.