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Vegetarian Chic: La Victoire Supreme du Coeur

dsc04216.jpgThe name of the restaurant is enticing – The Supreme Victory of the Heart. Its new location on Rue Bourg Tibourg in the 4th arrondissement is perfect for people-watching. The ambiance is super calm – and super clean with colors that soothe the spirit and prices that don’t shock the wallet.
Geneveive and I arrive at 12 noon – we were lucky on this Wednesday to have our choice of tables – so we chose a table right by the window to enjoy the passing scenery (including one of the locals sporting his Chanel handbag and cowboy boots (yes). You have to have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to pull off this kind of ‘mix and match’.
But getting back to food, I really like the plate presentation – the daily menu is presented on a chalk board. Today’s choice was sauteed mushrooms with brown rice and a creamy white sauce. With a richly flavored cup of Earl Grey tea, this lunch cost 15 Euros.
dsc04218.jpgSome of the other dishes you’ll find on the menu include Seitan (which is a tofu based ‘cutlet’), vegetarian ‘chicken’, salads, tofu, soups. The desserts (which we didn’t try) looked tasty – crumbles and tarts. Here is the complete menu: VSC Menu
The food and presentation is without reproach – but its the calm ambiance that really makes this dining experience a pleasure. La Victoire moved from its old Right Bank address last November. The extra space gives diners plenty of elbow room.
And I have to also mention here the excellent restroom facilities which have all the glamor of a Costes establishment (for those of us who don’t have a Costes budget!).dsc04217.jpg
Don’t walk past the discreet entrance of this exceptional vegetarian restaurant. It may not shout its existence – but like so many good addresses – news travels fast. Thanks Genevieve for introducing me to a lunch, brunch, dinner, and tea salon locale where I will soon return to find that rare and valued treasure – a tranquil dining spot where one can eat healthy and meditate on the incredible joy of being – in Paris, no less.
La Victoire Supreme du Coeur
27-31 Rue du Bourg Tibourg
75004 Metro: Hotel de Ville
(exit on the Rue du Rivoli side (walk past BHV department store toward St. Paul metro, or west , and turn left on Rue du Bourg Tibourg.
VSC is open seven days a week and serves brunch on Sunday afternoons.