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US Embassy in Paris: Please don’t bring your backpack or laptop.


The United States Embassy in Paris is located in Paris’s 8th arrondissement at 4 Avenue Gabriel, Metro: Concorde or Metro: Champs Elysees.

If you’re staying at the Hotel Crillon, you’re a stone’s throw away from the embassy. (If we should all be so lucky to be staying at the Crillon!) Likewise, if you take a stroll along the Champs Elysees, by the time you get to the Rond Point, you’re almost at the US embassy but don’t think about dropping in on a whim. Unless you have a very specific reason, as explained on the embassy site, they’d really prefer you didn’t show up – there are no coffee klotches here and no free orange juice

One of the few reasons you may need to go to the US Embassy (if you happen to be American) would be to replace a stolen passport. If you’ve had your passport or credit cards stolen, you’ll want to first report the theft to the police department. Then with an affidavit in hand, plus two 5 cm by 5cm color photos in hand – and any identification you still have (ideally a photocopy of the passport photo) page, head for the Passport Section at 4 Rue Gabriel (as I described in a past post on embassies), the US Embassy is housed in two separate buildings: The Embassy on 4, rue Gabriel and the Consulate (where you would go to apply for a visa to the US for example) on the adjacent Rue Florissante).

Hopefully during your visit to Paris, you will never have to visit the US Embassy. Their website offers useful information about services for Americans residing in Paris. Be sure to read Consulate Tips.

If you would like to know the addresses for other embassies in Paris, you can check out my embassies in parispost about obtaining visas in Paris for other countries, or visit Paris.ICAO

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