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Tourism for the Handicapped in Paris

Yesterday I mentioned that the City of Light still has a way to go in providing access to the physically impaired.

Some steps have been taken since 1997 to create a more friendly city toward those with disabilities. In 2001, an official label was designated for wheelchair accessible sights, but when you look at the list of museums that are accessible to the blind – the list is mighty slim i.e Le Musee du Vin and La Cite des Sciences for starters.

Maybe the Braille Graffiti artist will remind art museums in Paris that braille ‘etiquettes’ or labeling might be not only a way of informing blind visitors about the ‘patrimoine’ or the cultural heritage of France, but also could be considered an art form in and of itself.

The Eiffel Tower does allow wheelchair accessibility to the lower level, however the Arc de Triomphe doesn’t.

Centre Pompidou and the Louvre are listed as wheelchair accessible.

For more listings (including disability friendly hotels, you can download’s listing of museums and hotels).