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Tour France by Bus This Summer

A road trip in any country is a fantastic idea. A road trip in France is a ticket to see beautiful scenery, indulge in awesome cuisine and learn even more about the French culture.
France bus travel – mainly the regional bus travel – is not used to get between regions but it’s a great way to travel short distances. However, there is no national bus system in France so engaging in such a vacation will require a bit of planning. But that surely doesn’t mean it cannot be done.
A nice idea for a bus tour in France is to get from Marseille to Paris . No, there aren’t any direct bus links between the two cities and that makes it a great idea to begin with.
You can fly into Marseille from pretty much any large airport in Europe. Spend a day or two here exploring the city. Don’t forget to experience the outdoor food markets where you can enjoy a variety of interesting dishes. And please don’t miss trying the city’s signature dish, bouillabaisse – a seafood stew.
Then it’s time to start your bus tour in France. Plan your first stop in Lyon. There are direct buses from Marseille into Lyon. Now it’s time to indulge in some more French cuisine. The Croix-Rousse is a must-see, with its steep slopes and narrow streets.
From Lyon you can take a bus to Paris. The capital is well known for its landmarks, romance, cafes and … of course, cuisine. Hotels in Paris are affordable but you might need a bit of time to find the perfect one for you. Especially if you hunt for the Internet special offers, you can find rooms at just €49 per night (2-star hotel).
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