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Top Paris Restaurant Loses its star

Trivia question: How many restaurants in Paris are designated as ‘Five-Star Gourmet restaurants’?
The answer is None.
Michelin, the restaurant guide which can make or break restaurant reputation only awards a maximum of THREE stars.
So, you can imagine when a restaurant loses one of its three stars, that can hurt.
I’m particularly disappointed to learn that Le Grand Vefour has lost one of its three stars. According to the IHT article of March 3rd ’08, the Michelin inspectors didn’t make a sudden decision. They visited the restaurant at least 18 times over a two year period and came to the conclusion that the the meals were not consistantly three-star.
luckily for us, the one time (we could afford to go only one time), the meal was exceptionally good and I would go again without any doubt that the next meal will be excellent. It was mentioned in the IHT article that chef Guy Martin has opened a restaurant in Boston called ‘Sensing’. I wondered if the distraction of opening up an overseas restaurant has distracted him from overseeing the Grand Vefour kitchen in Paris?
Whatever the case may be, I hope that we will be able to try out the Grand Vefour once again to give Parislogue readers some feedback. In the meantime, if you get there before us, be sure to share your impressions with us.
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Le Grand Vefour
Palais Royal Gardens
17 Rue de Beaujolais 75001
Metro: Palais Royal
Tip: If you decide to try out Le Grand Vefour, be sure to book for lunch rather than dinner. The 88 Euro menu is only available at lunch time. Otherwise, you will be ordering dinners ‘a la carte’.