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Top 10 Paris Travel Articles in 2009

We like to think that pretty much everything we write about on WhyGo Paris is interesting, but sometimes it’s kind of fun to look at what you actually think is interesting. This is one of the latter times – and what better time to do it than the start of a new year?
This is a list of the top 10 articles on WhyGo Paris in 2009, in descending order with the most popular listed last. Some of these results surprised me a little bit, but with most of them I’m glad to see what we thought were useful articles ranking so highly in your minds, too.


  1. How to Use the Paris Metro – Mastering public transportation in a foreign city is, to my mind, one of the biggest keys in whether that city becomes a place you love to visit. Getting around Paris on the Metro is fast and cheap, so it’s critical to learn it if you’re going to make the most of your trip.
  2. eiffeltower2

  3. Paris First-Time Visitor Guide – This first-time visitor’s guide to Paris is packed with all kinds of information that anyone going to Paris can use to plan their trip better. Yes, it’s geared toward people who’ve never been before, but even return visitors may need a refresher course on the difference between the right and left bank!
  4. sacre2

  5. Free Things to Do in Paris – Since it’s not known as a cheap city to visit, reading up on all the best ways to save money in Paris is important whether you’re on a strict budget or not. So you might want to memorize this list of the free things to do in Paris.
  6. versailles

  7. Day Trips from Paris – If you’re in Paris for a long enough time, you might want to consider getting out of Paris for a day. There are lots of great day-long excursions around Paris, including the Versailles palace and gardens, and most of them are easily accessible by public transportation, too.
  8. creperie2

  9. Eating on the Cheap in Paris – Remember what I said above about Paris not being a cheap city to visit? It’s no wonder, then, that we have a second entry on this list that has to do with visiting on a budget. The good news is that this article about cheap eats in Paris includes some great Paris food treats, too.
  10. cussing

  11. Essential French Swear Words – Anyone who’s studied another language knows that one of the most popular questions students ask is how to swear. It’s hard to say why swearing in a foreign language is so much fun, but it is. This article will get you on the road to swearing in French like a pro.
  12. arrondissements

  13. 12 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Paris – You can read all kinds of lists about what to do in Paris or where to eat in Paris, but there are some things that won’t make those lists but are still kind of important to know if you’re going to enjoy your trip to the fullest. This article is about 12 of those things.
  14. arnaoutchot

  15. Best Nude Beaches in France: Baring it All – There’s no getting around the fact that seeing all those unabashedly topless sunbathers on the coasts of France for the first time is bound to be something that sticks with you forever. You want to take that a step further? Here are the best nude beaches in the country.
  16. paristoilet

  17. 30 Paris Travel Tips from a Local – A great guidebook can only get you so far. The best travel tips often come from people who live there, because they’re up-to-date and cover things travelers might not consider otherwise. This list of 30 tips is a great supplement to any Paris guide.
  18. concorde1

  19. The Most Beautiful Metro Stations in Paris – From #10 above to #1, we come full circle! Not only is the Paris Metro the best way to get around the city, it turns out it’s also the most beautiful. Not all Paris Metro stations are known for their decor, but so many are that it was worth doing an article about them. And you liked it. You really liked it.

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