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The Right to Strike

Today, according to Le Figaro news reports, 40,000 protesters were out in force on Paris streets. Over the past weekend, between 8 and 10,000 anti-protest protesters gathered near Republique in Paris’s eastern sector.

And just as SNCF announces this evening that the strike has been suspended during negotiations, it looks like teachers, the Post Office, France Telecom and EDF, followed by Air France pilots are jumping on the strike bandwagon.

None of this will do much good toward bolstering France’s economy – and the lack of buying power is not likely to improve – thanks to this boondoggle. Just to give a small example: Because of the looming strike, we naturally booked flights with an airline that would be less likely to be affected by the strike.

Rather than take the Air France shuttle (as we normally do) we booked an independent taxi company. How many other people visiting France – or doing business in France chose to cancel their trips?

Ultimately, will the strikes improve the quality of life in France for the majority? Only time will tell.