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The Calf’s Head Update

Somehow eating Calf’s head isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I’m looking for a quick snack in Paris – it’s really more of a Normandy specialty and that’s where you’re more likely to see it on the menu, but according to Jancie Robinson, there are still fifteen restaurants in Paris that serve this dish. I’ve tried it only as a chef’s ‘offrande’ at the Meridien’s gourmet restaurant – Montparnasse 24.

It is exactly what you think it is – many bits of the calf’s head. It was also the former president Jacques Chirac’s favorite dish. He is not alone in this proclivity. There is actually a Society of Calf’s Head enthusiasts. Chacun a son truc! To each his own. I’ll stick to ris -de -veau aka sweetbreads (something you don’t find too often on menus these days stateside).

According to Robinson’s report, Le Coq de la Maison Blanche at 37 Blvd. Jean Jaures, Metro: Mairie St. Ouen.Tel. 01 40 11 01 23 is one of the fifteen restaurants serving this dish, specifically on Wednesday nights. Le Coq de la Maison Blanche is actually located in St. Ouen, a northern suburb which can be reached by Metro. Not far from the Stade de France, it will be open on Sundays during the World Cup events this September and October.
Bon appetit!