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The American Hug: The French prescription against stomach flu

According to Le Parisien at least one French doctor is prescribing the American style hug to replace the French handshake during flu season. Right now, France is experiencing an ‘epidemic’ of gasto-intestinal flu (332 cases per 100,000 people).

The article suggests washing your hands after using toilets and using hand sanitizers (the same kind American travelers have been using for years).

Trust me on this one, NO amount of hand washing is going to save you from this bug!
Having been advised exactly the same thing on our train trip from Beijing to Moscow in October, 2007, this virus was already rampant in Central Asia (at least aboard our train).
We all dutifully washed our hands and used hand sanitizers to no avail.
You do not want to be stoic when it comes to this bug. If you pick this bug up in your travels – or at home. Do not wait. See your doctor.
If there’s no doctor – wherever you are – here’s is an old Russian remedy (I don’t know if it works for everybody, but some people on the train claimed it did: Take a heaping teaspoon of black tea leaves and swallow it whole) We didn’t try this. The person who did said he felt a lot better. We took Cipro and also felt a lot better.