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Terrorist Alert in Paris

This past Tuesday (December 16, 08), police uncovered planted dynamite in one of Paris’s most well known department stores, Printemps, located on Boulevard Haussmann. This is Paris’s busy Right Bank shopping district – not far from the famous Garnier Opera House.

Although the dynamite was not detonated, the group claiming responsibilty for planting the dynamite has issued a warning of more threats if France does not remove its troups from Afghanistan. (This is according to the 16 Dec Guardian story: Explosives Found by Police in Paris Department Store

If you do plan to do Christmas shopping in Paris’s major department stores, be prepared for searches by security agents (according today’s report in the Australian News)

This is another good reason to consider doing your Paris shopping in smaller boutiques. Although you can hardly avoid airports and train stations while visiting France, you can do your best to make use of these transportation hubs in a brisk fashion. No need to loiter.

As one shopper quoted in the Guardian article suggested – one shouldn’t change one’s daily life because of such incidents. However, being alert and aware of the possibility of such events is also a necessary part of preparing for any trip.