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Taxi Strike

This past Wednesday (Feb 6 ’08), taxi drivers blocked the Porte Maillot entrance to Paris as well as access to Paris’s airports. Now we know why so many taxis had already been parked at the CDG airport as early as last Sunday. Fortunately, the taxi drivers demands have been answered – which means if you’re flying in to Paris in the coming weeks, you should be able to get to town without being obliged to travel by the RER (Regional transit). Earlier this week I had been praising the benefits of arriving in town outside of high tourist season, but strikes are ALWAYS a possibility in Paris.
I’ve noted in the past that strikes very often seems to coincide with exceptionally good weather. Maybe it’s just that – coincidence. For the moment there are no ‘new strikes’. The recent cashiers’ strike at some supermarkets does not seem to have a major impact on service in Paris Monoprix.