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Tainted Contact Lense Solution Scare in France

Le Figaro newspaper’s English translation doesn’t have any news about upcoming strikes, but here’s an article “Poisoning Haunts Antiterrorismcurrently posted which deserves attention.

Unfortunately, this is OLD news, so for those of you who may have been in Paris between August 25th and August 30th and bought a bottle of contact lense solution with the brand name Solo-Care Aqua should return the bottle or dispose of it as a precaution. The company Ciba Vision, a Novartis subsidiary, asked that any person having bought Solo-Care Aqua in a Krys, Vision Originale, Optical Centre or Atol store not to use it and to return it to the store so it can be exchanged.

There have been no reported instances to date of actual contamination.
If you read this article and have as many questions as I do, I’d be interested to know. First of all, the title – “Poisoning haunts antiterrorism” is strange. When contact lense solution was tainted in the USA, there was no reference to the words terror or anti-terror. There was never any mention of animal rights activists.
The Figaro article makes mention of an Animal Rights group and the site called ‘Bite Back’. where the group allegedly claimed to have tainted a number of contact solution bottles. In the US when tainted contact lense solution was found, I don’t recall that there were ever any suggestions of a similar report.

Another thing that surprised me was the fact that the author of this story doesn’t use his full name, but only initials (most Figaro news reports include the journalist’ s full name although journalists certainly don’t always use their full name – normally the newspaper’s editor decides. )

I would like to hear from someone either in the Animal Rights movement or from Le Figaro, or anyone who has read other articles about the the issue of tainted contact lense solution France, and finally, why is this being posted in Le Figaro English translation – now rather than August 25 to 30th when it could have been useful to English speaking visitors? If there ever was a real threat of tainted products?

So, – there are the questions – waiting for answers!

In the meantime, when packing for a trip to France, be sure to be well stocked with any eyecare products that you may need.

Regarding contact lense solution: Here is my suggestion (from my past experience) – if you ever have a stinging sensation when you insert your contact lenses, you should remove them immediately and wash your eyes out with cold water. While in France, I did once have this incident and instead of taking the lenses out immediately, some damage was done. I don’t know the exact cause of the contamination. It occurred quite few years earlier.

Although I agree that animals should not be made to suffer under ANY circumstances, the human being is also an animal – and to subject human animals to suffering for the purpose of furthering a political agenda does nothing to further the case of protecting animals from future suffering – it just adds another species to the already too long list.

If anything , it would alienate the majority of people who would want to support such a noble intention.