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Swine Flu in Paris

As of today (May 4,’09) there are four reported cases of swine flu in Paris. (One couple had recently returned from a trip to Mexico). The buzzword here is ‘serenity and vigilance’. Tomorrow a campaign to encourage healthy practices such as washing hands and not coughing all over strangers in public places will begin. You’d think that would be common sense, but yesterday we went grocery shopping and it’s amazing the number of people you find who cough and sneeze around food products without thinking to cover their mouths!

Here are two numbers for information (in French) about swine flu which is called ‘la grippe porcine’ in French:

Plateforme grippe :
0825 302 302 (0,15 euro per minute)

Travelers info:

01 45 50 34 60 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Travel for French residents from France to Mexico and the US (particularly NYC) is being discouraged except for ‘necessary travel’)