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Strikes in Paris

Maybe it’s just dumb luck, but we flew into Paris this time just in between a wave of train strikes which have managed to disrupt plenty of travelers and commuters’ schedules for the final days of the Rugby World Cup. As I mentioned to you in a past post, the official strike date for the Metro or RATP had been the 18th of October, but the prolonged strike, included Friday the 19th of October which created miles of traffic jams in the Paris metropolitan area.
And guess what? It’s not over.

Mark November 20th on your calendar as a day NOT to arrive in Paris. The SNCF plans to strike again – and you as you can well imagine, choosing a specific day, doesn’t necessarily mean that the strike will last only a day. We hope for the sake of commuters that issues will be resolved in a speedy fashion so that those that need to go to work will not receive more aggravation in their efforts to put food on the table.

Meanwhile for any of you planning on arriving in Paris from the new St. Pancras station using the Eurostar, one wonders, one has to wonder if the date of the 20 November had to coincide so closely with the opening of this new route for the Eurostar. The inaugural date for the St. Pancras/Gare du Nord route is November 14th. Therefore if you’re arriving on the 14th, you might want to consider, scooting back to London by the 19th.