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Spring vacation in Amsterdam

amsterdam-springWe all seen that this winter was cold and snowy and most of Europe … and it’s not over yet. So if the endless cups of hot cocoa and the daydreaming about nicer days are not enough to keep you afloat during the winter, then it’s time to plan your next spring. Where? In Amsterdam, of course.
Whether you live in (near) Paris or you are here on vacation, a short trip or weekend getaway in Amsterdam is a great choice. After all, flights to Amsterdam take only 1 hour 20 minutes and start at €66 per person (one way) in mid-late March. Plus, spring represents the shoulder season so the flights are still cheap but the crowds are not yet flooding the city. But remember that we are talking about a very popular city, so when the weather is nice you can expect some crowds, especially by mid-late May.
Once the flight is booked, make sure to find a place to stay. Rates at hotels in major European capitals don’t exactly follow the seasons, so you need to look for discounts or late deals to find something affordable. But looking for an Amsterdam hostel is a very good choice. Remember to read the reviews because you surely don’t want to end up in a party hostel if you plan to sleep at night. In mid-March rates stat around €17 per bed (in the heart of the city).
As the days start to get warmer, the cafes terraces fill with locals (and tourists) and the parks also fill with those wanting to stretch their legs. The spring flowers are in bloom and on the background of green trees, the city paints itself in some lovely colors.
Weather wise, spring is quite unstable (all over Europe). It can be nice and sunny but you might be unlucky to catch rainy days while here. The temperatures average 12 C during the day in April and stay around 3 C during the night.
Layering is your best option when it comes to packing the clothes. If it gets warm during the day, you can shed a layer and you are good to go. If you don’t like carrying an umbrella, make sure to pack some waterproof clothing. And since you will want to spend your days out and about, a pair of comfortable walking shoes is always a must.
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