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Spring Street Fashion 2008

Anne Lise welcomes you at Bouygues (the cell phone company in France who’s name you’ll find the hardest to pronounce) (Bo-eeg). We recently bought a tri-band Sagem here for 1 Euro (plus a 12 month contract naturally).
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2008
Pack your ballerina flats and your Converse trainers and you’re ready for Paris. Yesterday at the Gare St. Lazare train station, I saw every variation of ballerina and Converse from gold sparkly ballerinas to pale orange Converse low-tops. Finally Parisians have taken off their boots here on May 6th.
Suggested labels in A Nous Paris May 11th ed.:
A Nous Paris‘s shopping sleuth Carine Chenaux has a handle on what French women want in her ‘Sobre et Chic’ shopping section. In othe words, ‘Bling-Bling’ metallics can only be digested in small doses – and for some, not at all.
Ballerine Simplissme by Massimo Dutti
01 53 29 92 70
Vintage Chuck Taylor All Star “Black Five Weaved Blanc et or” and “Distressed Foxing Hi Marron”
If you haven’t yet discovered A Nous Paris, you’ll find it for FREE in the Metro. This is a handy French language weekly newspaper that will fill you in on urban news and style.
Generally, the look on the street is casual. Bring your sleeveless tunic and leggings. However, if you’re visiting Paris for business, Right Bank style is much more formal. Men should opt for a conservative suit. A brightly colored tie is acceptable especially during the spring and summer months. Likewise your shoes should be conservative, high quality and well polished. For casual nights, well-cut jeans and a jacket are fine for most restaurants – unless you’re going to a Michelin-star restaurant.
What you see on the street is not necessarily what you see in the shop windows.
“I know bright colors are supposed to be in style this spring, but as you see I’m wearing dark colors,” said one Parisian resident (originally from Perpignan).
What I loved about this resident’s ensemble was the choice of a glittery black skirt with red shoes. This is a combination I’ve often seen on Paris streets and it seems to be so ‘very French’.
Note: Parisgirl is not a fashion expert. I’m simply reporting what I see at street/Metro level. The fashion experts will tell you what’s in or out of style – and I’ll say – who cares? Wear what you love and enjoy the passing parade of individual styles. French fashion has finally broken out of the rampant conformity of the eighties and nineties.
What I’ve observed in the past few days (now that the weather is good) is extraordinary, natural, unairbrushed beauty. If you take the time to look around as you walk through Paris parks (Parc Montsouris 14th arrondissent is one of my favorites), you’ll find plenty of attractive Parisians of all ages enjoying the sun.
You’ll note that the woman walking with her bicycle is wearing a black jumper with red flats.
Parc Montsouris
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2008
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