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Soldes: Summer '08 – Let the Sales Begin!

Summer sales have begun, as of Wednesday, June 25th, 2008. If you’re in Paris, you still have time to find a great deal – until July 8th. These are the ‘official’ sales dates. Parisgirl is getting a late start on shopping – but my neighbor who’s already hit the sales found her ‘bonheur’ a smocked sleeveless chemise at Zara.
There’s branches of the Zara department store in several Paris neighborhoods including Blvd. Haussmann, and here at the Montparnasse shopping center across from the train station.
If you happen to be in the Rue Mouffetarde or Rue de Buci neighborhoods, be sure to stop in at Nina Kendosa’s boutique. Even without sale prices, this is one of the most attractive shops for womenswear at very correct prices.
This afternoon, Parisgirl and friends will be headed over to Passage au Havre, Metro: St Lazare to see what treasures can be uncovered. Bonne chance fellow shoppers!