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Smoke-Free Paris by January, 2007?

Already the smell of Gaulouis cigarettes at the train stations seems to be fading into history. According to ‘Aujourd’hui en France’ the French daily, Minister of Health, Zavier Bertrand is pushing for a ‘decree’ that would ban smoke in public places. There would likely be an exception for night clubs and ‘tabacs’. Those are the cafe/tobacco/OTB spots where cigarettes are sold. The ‘decree’ would go into effect by January of 2007. Why are ‘decree’ rather than a law? Apparently to avoid political bickering during an election year.
If you’d like to read more about this story – (in French) – Aujourdh’ui en France is associated with Le Parisien .
I’m not sure what this means for one of my favorite restaurants in the Montparnasse area called “Smoke” (not as you would imagine, an encouragement to smoke, but in honor of a movie title).
Apparently, there’s been no decrease in cigarette sales – sales have increased by 2.9%or 28 million more cigarettes have been inhaled.