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Seine Drowning: Accidental?

Supermodel’s Katoucha’s disappearance and the recovery of her body about a month after her disappearance leaves many people asking questions. Some of the facts don’t add up.
When police first pulled the unidentified corpse out of the Seine, Metro newspaper’s ‘source close to the case’ stated “After several weeks in water, all corpses are black.”
According to Katoucha’s father, his daughter’s corpse was surprisingly intact when he saw it. (See Le Parisien’s exclusive interview with Katoucha’s dad).
And of course, the most baffling question is, if a friend had dropped her off at her houseboat, knowing that she had been drinking, wouldn’t he have made sure she entered the houseboat safely? According to one site, it was Katoucha’s friends who reported her disappearance thinking that she could have ‘degringoler’ or tumbled into the Seine.
Last year (2007), 55 cadavers were recovered from the Seine River. 150 drowning victims were saved.