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Rugby- and the game continues for France

France beats Ireland tonight: 25-3 at Stade de France. Even if you aren’t following the Rugby World Cup, a win for France has to be a good thing for even the tourist who has no interest in sports. Sadly for Irish fans who have come to support their team, it will be a glum return trip. But if you do have to lose, Paris is not the worst place in the world to lose a game – Napoleon loved this city so much that he wished to have his remains buried close to the Seine River. So, before you leave the City of Lights, stop in to say ‘hello’ to Napoleon at Les Invalides and meditate on the emptiness and futility of triumph. It’s not about winning – it’s about playing the game the best way you know.

Some possible benefits to the French team’s win (from a tourist’s perspective) might be diminished chances of an October 18th strike in the euphoria of the Rugby World Cup: the mere hint of a French team headed for glory is reason enough to postpone a strike. Even strike organizers have to realize that their popularity would quickly fade if they put a damper on this event.

But it’s just a game right?